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Aldus M.and Robert S. Cody. The First 100 years of Osceola County. Published by Raymond G. Cody for The Osceola County Historical Society, 1987

This book was written by Aldus and Robert Cody, who were commissioned by the First National Bank. The material for this book came from a series of newspaper advertisments in the News-Gazette. This book is rich with Historical backgrounds of the beginnings of Osceola County including land deals, wars fought, and what the whole state was going through on water management issues, banking, tourism, freezes of the citrus crops as well as droughts.

Osceola County Historical Society, The Shaker Community in Florida, by Russell H. Anderson. Florida Historical Quarterly. Volume 38, No.1. July 1959

This article was particularly helpful in understanding the Shaker's role in Narcoossee. Especially in farming, citrus growing, and their relationship with the whole county in general. They provided details on the Sadie Marchant episode.

Osceola County Historical Society, Article from the Shaker Heritage Guidebook. Narcoossee: Olive Branch. Ashton, Florida 1895-1924.

Information on the Railroad and specifics of the Shaker life. The Historical Society also provided other articles and pictures.

Stanley Whitted, Interviewed by Chrishonda Paul and Mabel Pattison at the Narcoossee Community Center, January 10th, 2000.

Stanley Whitted was born and raised in Narcoossee and had given us his first person account of how things were.

George W. Garrett, E-mail and conversations between Bill Garrett and Mabel Pattison, March 10, 2003.

Bill Garrett is the Great Grandson of George W. Garrett and has spent considerable time, money and effort in resurrecting the "Resurgam".

Robin Marshall Hill Murphy, E-mail between Robin Marshall Hill Murphy and Mabel Pattison, August 2003.

Robin is the Granddaughter of Frederick W. Hill

Visit to the Osceola County Historical Society Fair, Kissimmee Florida,December 1999.

Members provided information on where to start the search on Narcoossee.

Osceola County Historical Society
Osceola County Genealogy Club
Osceola County Library System
Osceola County Community Guide

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