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East Lake Tohopekaliga

(Also known as "East Lake Toho")

Graphic:Big bass after 2 little fish. Prior to 1884, Lieutenant Colonel W. E. Cadman's dream was that Lake Tohopekaliga would be dredged and Narcoossee would become a very important port for shipping throughout the world. At that time, the lake came close to Highway 15 (Narcoossee Road - The main road through Narcoossee).

Old photo of a steamship similar to the
 one's that traveled East Lake TohoIn 1882, Hamilton Disston's dredging of the canal work started on the Southport Canal, between Lake Toho and Lake Cypress. When the dredging of that canal was completed, attention was turned to the canal connecting Lake Toho to East Lake Tohopekaliga (East Lake Toho). That cut was finished in 1884.

East Lake's water level dropped 3 to 5 feet in one month when the dams holding the water between Lake Toho and East Lake were cut in 1884. The dropped lake levels made steamboat passage more difficult. East Lake Toho would never be the major shipping port dreamed of. Hamilton Disston bought the reclaimed land.

In 1885, a steamer, "The Colonist" was built for shipping and transportation by the local people. It was used between Narcoossee and Kissimmee until the Sugar Belt Railroad was extended from Kissimmee.

As railroad tracks spread further, travel across land became faster and more efficient for people and goods. In 1910 the Corps of Engineers dropped the water table 27.5 feet and many towns sprang up in Osceola County.

Today East Lake Toho is Florida's 14th largest lake. It has over 35 square miles (approxmately 13,691 acres) of fishing and is part of the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. It produces many trophy bass annually.

Places to Visit

East Lake Toho is popular for boating, fishing and skiing.

Chisholm Park is a good place to launch your water craft. Animation of sailboat The following general directions may help you to find the following sites by boat.

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Updated: May 20, 2006